bra size calculator

Every woman is unique and every breast profile is different. Two women may have the same build and weight, but the same sized bra might not work for both. A well-fitted bra is not only important for the right look but is also crucial is defining your correct posture and lending the needed support. Knowing your correct bra size is the first step towards finding the perfect bra fitting. Calculate your bra size is not rocket science, all you need is a measuring tape and a mirror. And yes, make sure you are wearing a well-fitted non-padded bra.

How To calculate your bra size?

  1. Calculate band size
  2. Calculate bust size/ cup size

Brand Size

Always pick round figure.

Cup Size

Always pick round figure.

Bra Size Chart for Indian body types

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Some thing to remember Before purchase a new bra

  1. Check your bra size every 3-6 months
  2. Your bra straps shouldn’t be too loose or tight
  3. Your cups should properly cover your breasts from front as well as sides.

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